Precision Medicine Delivered

Our vision is a world
where every cancer patient
receives the right therapy.

Our mission is to improve
the use of advanced cancer drugs
by providing healthcare systems with
solutions for highly accurate mutation detection.

About us

Oncodia develops regulatory approved software for sequencing analyses of tumors to guide the use of targeted therapies and checkpoint inhibitors.

We empower healthcare providers with the quality and regulatory approval previously only available through service providers, so sensitive data can stay where they belong and turnaround times remain short.

Meet our team

Board of Directors

Tobias Sjöblom, PhD
Professor of Tumor Genetics at UU
Co-founder, CSO
Chairman of the Board

Mateo Santurio, MSc
Investment manager
Board member

Ian Cheong, LLB, PhD
Scientific advisor
Board member

Tobias pioneered exome sequencing in cancer. The science powering Oncodia was developed in his research group at Uppsala University. He co-founded ExScale Biospecimen Solutions AB, a market leader in CE/IVD reagents for automated serial extraction of nucleic acids in molecular pathology. He is also a board member of Pathnova Laboratories Pte Ltd.

Mateo is a business developer and investment professional with 15 years experience of academic startups. He has been involved in the strategic and operational management of many successful Uppsala University spin-offs such as OssDsign, Rolling Optics, Ångström Aerospace Corp., Dicot, Disruptive materials, Eta Scale and others.

Ian is a lawyer turned scientist. He is currently a Principal Investigator at the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in Singapore where his research areas are machine learning and cancer therapy. He is a co-founder of Entopsis LLC (USA) and a board member of Pathnova Laboratories Pte Ltd (Singapore).

Management and development

Ivaylo Stoimenov, PhD
Co-founder, CEO
Lead developer

Tom Adlerteg, MSc
Co-founder, RIM
Core developer

Ivaylo blends the experience of cancer geneticist with long standing passion for software development. He obtained a doctoral degree in molecular genetics at Stockholm University and soon after joined the cancer research team in Uppsala University. Since late 2015 he is the leading developer of the somatic mutation pipeline for cancer diagnostics.

Tom is experienced in software development in several different areas, such as the stock exchange market (Syncom financial systems), electricity market (ABB), protein interaction devices (Biacore) and somatic mutation calling (UU). He has a MSc in molecular biotechnology engineering from Uppsala University, as well as a degree in computer science from Göteborgs University.

Recent events:

3rd July, 2019: The consortium of VitroScan, Anapath, FHNW, Robovision, Uppsala University and Oncodia was awarded Eurostars grant for personalized ovarian cancer therapy selection in a multidisciplinary project, named "3D SELECT".

11th June, 2019: Oncodia was awarded an EIT Health Head-Start grant.

10th December, 2018: In a ceremony at Uppsala University Innovation, Oncodia received the "Attractive Innovation Project Award".

4th & 5th December, 2018: Oncodia attended BioFit2018, Lille, France.

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