ACVH Holdings is a multinational conglomerate holdings group headquartered in Asia Pacific, which oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies and key brands. The company wholly owns equity in firms directly working in Aerospace, Advanced Technology, Specialized Components, Food and Beverages, Contract Manufacturing, Renewables, Fuel, Oil Lubricants, Real-Estate, Organizational, Development, and Executive Mentoring. With a family legacy in Asia spanning as far back as 1946, the founders of ACVH have proven to be a “can do” company, in any climb and place.


System design and versatile solutions from single-station systems to company-wide multi-station systems, our engineers come with proven expertise and capacities to deliver tier-one scalable solutions. Each solution is tailored and engineered to perfection with the most up to date available technology delivering Full Turn-Key solutions made simple in a One-Stop-Shop process reducing workload and time to market implementation.

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ACEIS Capital is an Asia based firm established solely to leverage its professional business and financial channels across the globe with a core team ready to deliver a wide range of cross-border solutions.

“Partnerships and associate partnerships obligated to fulfill a required due-diligence in accordance with - prior to entering into any official agreement."

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