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66Jacek Dabrowskitonder1971@gmail.com0851141218Hi im interested for appoitment for quit smoking. Would you mind to tell me prices for sessions and if you take payments by card?2015-08-21 16:59:26
65Lorna Hylandlornahyland@gmail.com0861949709Is anyone going to get back to me? I need these receipts? Thanks thanks 2015-08-19 15:37:42
64Lorna Hylandlornahyland@gmail.com0861949709Hi there, i had a few session at your galway location, I need to have an itemized bill emailed to me for my health insurance. Can you email this on to me please? Thanks Lorna2015-08-14 15:16:09
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58Niamh Lynnnlynn@tcd.ie0873127737Hi i was looking at coming in to get allergy testing done next week in dunlaoirghe if thats possible?2015-06-27 03:01:37