Carstein & Co.

This is my personal website, an initial attempt to have a website hosted at We'll see how this moves along. The plan is to provide information about my professional life as well as my personal life and interests. Yeah, like you care......

Purchased a new car

Yup, it is now no longer a secret, I just purchased my dreamcar. A brand newMercedes SL350.


My career at Nimsoft is now history, it was a fantastic journey from birth to aquisition. We are now bringing to life a new baby, Ceesoft. Our product is currently being developed and we plan to bring it to market by mid-2013.

Some progress on the tennis court

I truly enjoy the game of tennis. It is so difficult to conquer the knowhow and to become a player that actually is dangerous. But, I am improving my game, and best of all - I love it