From creating the first healthcare cloud system to exceed all 27 major regulatory compliancy speicifcations, to becoming the first approved healthcare cloud provider to win a State of TX contract, Reach has been in the forefront of providing affordable, secure leading technologies for the heatlhcare industry.

Now Reach's integration360 technology has come full circle by providing the only healthcare continuity-of-service gap technology that focuses on the patient first. Our award-winning integration360 platfrom delivers more than just integration between software, it provides near real-time patient healthcare status outside the hospital, personifying clinical integration.

Our goal is to help your patient achieve the best proactive care regardless of which doctor, discipline or network he/she decides. We are about preventing a patient's fall of the proverbial cliff.

Our proprietary libraries include over 300 software programs spanning acute, ambulatory, naturopathic, Eastern/alternative, EMS, and physical rehabilitation systems. Additionally thousands of today's new breeds of smart medical technolgy including wearables, implantables, and wireless devices are ready to be integrated into a population health lifestyle cycle.

We feature the first and only CMS-approved software treatment systems for the behaviorally/intellectually challenged students and are implementing this for FREE for schools across the country.

Our new MediCaseLMR takes our patient care to a whole new level by eliminating fraud and reducing the cost and time of litigation for those seriously injured while providing a robust roadmap to return to health.


For Hospitals

Reach provides affordable secure hosted clinical integration for hundreds of devices and apps

For RHA's and THO's

Reach provides private label cloud and data services for rural healthcare associations

For any Healthcare Provider

Reach's i360 platform provides a secure scalable solution to build and manage a clinical integration network.

For Clinics

Reach provides robust integration between clinical referral clinics and personal biomedical and fitness devices.

For Educators

Reach provides FREE treatment systems to assist with behavioral/intellectually challenged students.

For Personal Injury Attorneys

Reach provides real-time patient PHI, treatment cycle data and analytics for injury cases with our i360 MediCase software

i360 takes 10% of the time to deploy vs the "others"
Medical Devices in our Integration Library
Software Applications in our Integration Library
Patient Treatment Records Ingegrated across ALL doctors

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