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Identity Scams

One of the fastest growing crimes in the UK

You know your identity is a valuable commodity. However, it's tempting to think that identity theft only affects other people. Yet over 100,000 people fall victim each year.

Anyone could be the next target of this fast growing crime.

So what is identity theft?

Simply, it's the theft of your personal or financial details. Criminals use these details to impersonate people, open bank accounts, obtain credit or set up businesses.

Once your details are stolen, you could become a victim of identity fraud.

Identity fraud - what to look out for

  • Bills, invoices or receipts addressed to you - for goods or services you haven't ordered
  • Letters from solicitors or debt collection agencies regarding debts that aren't yours
  • Letters or statements for bank accounts you did not open
  • Transactions appearing on your bank statements (normally withdrawals) that you don't recognise
  • New accounts showing up on your credit report
  • Documents like your passport, driving licence, utility bills or bank statements have gone missing

What can you do?

Remember to keep your personal details secure at all times.

If you think you have been the target of identity fraud, contact your bank or card issuer immediately - call the telephone number on your statement.


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