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The Signals Mobile App is so easy to install and follow. It provides clear Entry, Stop Loss and Profit Take signals. Most trades are limit orders, avoiding ad-hoc trades and enabling you to act in time. Running trades are controlled with updated Stop Loss and Profit Take signals to easily manage risk and loss. We give you a strategy plan for the day’s trading – you see the signal, enter your trading platform and follow our instructions. Dead simple. Besides, it’s backed by 24 hour technical support, five days a week.


The Signals Mobile App is quickly and easily downloaded to your iOS and Android powered smartphone or tablet

The Signals Mobile App gives you access to an in-depth technical analysis so you can study a history of signals and charts.

Earn while you learn.

Trading ALL
currency pairs

Detailed entry

Entry, stop less
and take profit levels

Unfilled institutional
banking levels revealed

Easy to follow
advanced charting

Detailed practical
execution of IFXT
trading strategies

History of charting setups,
strategies and a wealth of
educational materials

LIVE chat


Simply download and install on your smartphone or tablet. The download will default to the IFXT Lite mobile application. The IFXT Lite app gives you a sneak preview of the full version’s features with two free trading signals per month.


You’ll be prompted to subscribe to a Premium Member. Once we receive payment, your login details will be sent to your email. Now you’re ready to access our full range of services!

The Forex market is flooded with unscrupulous people who promise to teach you to trade in a quick crash course, over an hour or a day or two. This is not only unethical, it is impossible. Once you’ve parted with your hard earned cash, you’re on your own. We know that Forex trading is something that cannot be taught in a day or two. Fact. If that’s what you expect, read no further.

Our courses and modules have been designed by international Forex traders with decades of experience. Students, whether novices or professionals, are guided through each module, receiving detailed feedback on assignments, daily trading signals via a simple-to-use mobile app and online technical support 24/5. Be assured, we want your success as much as you do. We will teach you about the myriad benefits and hazards of the exciting world of Forex trading until you have the confidence to get out there on your own.

International FX Trading products range from novice to expert courses. Course costs are market related but we know we offer a great deal more than other Forex educators. Our superb products are backed by a lifetime commitment to your success. Invest in your future today.

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International FX Trading was launched in 2012 by a group of highly successful Forex traders with the mission to rally worldwide traders, creating a support platform to share trade information. As a result, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art training and trading knowledge via the latest technology.

We teach you to embrace these skills in order to perform technical analyses on market forecasts. Our courses will provide you with the tools to make informed decisions that, in turn, will make you the best trading professional you can be.