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The original school consisted of only one bench and a small tin shade. This was back in the year 1996. After some time a building was constructed providing room for roughly forty students.
In February 2007 the reconstruction of the building was started.
The new building consists of a ground floor and a first floor. In this phase there is room for ten classes.

The new building Reconstruction of the school building in February 2007

The building

The previous structure was totally demolished to make room for the new building. The construction of the new building was completed in 2008. Sanitary facilities and plastering was almost done in the following years. In 2010 nearly all work was finished.

Gokhale Autumn 2007 Students in front of the new building.


In the beginning only some classrooms were equipped with tables and benches. Plastering was not completed in most of the classrooms. Gradually, the work was completed in the classrooms.

Classroom at the Gokhale Children's Academy

Gokhale Shikshan Sansthan 2012

The Gokhale Children's Academy as it looks beginning of 2012.

Gokhale Children's Academy 2012

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