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    When You Can't Be There,
    JobSight Can

Informed customers are happy customers!

  • 24-7 online video viewing from anywhere
  • Allow customers to see progress of their home construction
  • Available on any computer with internet access
  • Avoid disappointments caused by poor communication and misunderstandings
  • Build trust with less work
Camera Unit

To view a live test camera do the following:

  1. Click on the following link to login to the camera site: LOGIN
  2. Login using the following username/password
    • Username: test12
    • Password: customer1
  3. Click on the forward arrow of either camera
  4. Change the time/date (and AM/PM) tab of the Calendar icon at the bottom
  5. Press forward arrow at bottom left to play the video

To view your job site cameras (existing JobSight customers):

  1. On your Apple or Android device, go to the App Store
  2. Search and install the "CameraFTP Viewer" app
  3. Login with your username/password provided by JobSight
  4. Select "Shared to me" at the top of the screen
  5. Select the camera thumbnail you want to view