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Important Notice

Editing Pages - Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free software popularly used nowadays to edit HTML and CSS code. Unlike WYSIWYG editor ...

Creating New Pages

The best way to create new pages based on the template is to simply use the "File > Save As" feature of your editing application. This will duplicate the original page and will allow you to customize your new page in a matter of seconds.

Editing Graphic/Image Files

Each template will have various image editing formats to allow you to easily edit certain parts of the template. Please find the folder "Image Editing Files" enclosed in the .zip.

If the folder contains a .PSD file this is to be used with a program called Adobe Photoshop. Usually this will be a logo or header, open it up in Adobe Photoshop, edit the file and then re-save over the original image found in the "images/" folder. So for example if you have header.psd save that as header.jpg (or .gif/.png) in the "images/" folder to update your changes.

If the .PSD file is a full layout file you must make the changes you require in Adobe Photoshop and then go "File > Save For Web", and save as "image" in the template folder. index.html should now be edited with the changes you made in Adobe Photoshop.

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop there may be blank image files in the folder. These blank image files can be opened in your graphic editing program of choice and then re-saved over the original image(s) in the "images/" folder.

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