Creating Hand Crafted & Stitched Genuine Leather

Man Belt Leather was started in 2014 because I needed a belt. I looked at a current stitched belt that I had and thought, I can do that. After completing my first belt I started making belts for family and friends. One day I decided to make a wallet with the pieces of leather I had that were not long enough to make a belt. Pretty soon I was making wallets for family and friends. My demand was high enough that I decided to start a part time hobby business. All of my work is stitched by hand using a saddle stitch (see below). I take pride in hand stitching. It is not extremely difficult, but it takes a long time (especially those 44" belts). Time is money, so I wont be getting rich anytime stitching by hand. I guess its a good thing this is a hobby! Drop me an email if you have any questions. Check back soon for product updates. Thanks for stopping by!