1. Diamond braided stainless steel brake lines

  2. Modified M50 manifold (removed for Schrick)

  3. Big bore throttle body

  4. UUC Motorwerks Big Boy 2 clutch stop

  5. PAR Cold Air Intake (CAI) kit

  6. UUC clutch pedal bushes

  7. Genuine BMW Z3M short shift gearstick modification (removed due to M3 gearbox)

  8. Active Autowerks ERK Stage II gearstick carrier (removed due to M3 gearbox)

  9. UUC Oval Delrin Carrier bushings (removed due to M3 gearbox)

  10. Custom Whalen "Shift Machine" gear knob - engraved ///M logo + shift pattern

  11. E46 rear suspension mounts (RSM) (swapped for Rogue upgraded items)

  12. Rogue transmission mounts + UUC Transmission Mount Enforcers

  13. Rogue rear shock mounts

  14. Powerflex polyurethane trailing arm bushes

  15. Eurosport under drive pullies (inc. alternator) + new belts

  16. Remus stainless steel half system

  17. Denso IK4 Iridium Spark Plugs

  18. Koni Sport adjustable suspension kit

  19. Eibach anti-roll bar kit

  20. Tuning Concepts ECU re-map (removed for custom ECU map)

  21. Supersprint de-cat pipe

  22. Full fan delete kit

  23. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

  24. Extra aux water temp gauge

  25. US M3 3.0 (S50) camshafts

  26. Custom UK M3 3.0 (S50) exhaust manifolds

  27. B&W Live ECU map

  28. Custom 3.15:1 diff - 40% lock (4-plate clutch + increased preload)

  29. Ultrasonically cleaned + matched injectors

  30. Light weight flywheel (custom M20 single mass + uprated M20 clutch / pressure plate)

  31. M20 starter motor

  32. Cobra Daytona bucket seats (see pic: here)

  33. E46 rear interior light units (see pic: here

  34. 6000K HID kit

  35. M3 Evo speedo cluster inc. fully functional oil temp gauge

  36. Schrick aluminium intake manifold

  37. Storm aluminium handbrake lever

  38. Fully reconditioned 328 Sport BBS RC alloys bolts

  39. E46 330 front brake calipers + discs

  40. M3 Evo brake master cylinder

  41. SPC fully adjustable rear camber arms

  42. M3 Evo 6-speed gearbox (including detent upgrade kit) + custom prop-shaft

  43. M3 Tri-clour M-tech steering wheel + slip ring

Here's a list of the modifications I've made so far (more are planned!):



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Dyno results
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