About Us

Miyohara International Trichology Clinic, Inc. is one of a few American-based Trichology clinics with trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment required to both diagnose and treat hair loss or skin problems.

Miyohara is different from other clinics that specialize in Trichology in California because our team has acquired extensive training in London and France in microscopic diagnosis. In fact, there is no comparable Trichology education program anywhere in America.

In the U. S., medical schools train dermatologists only in the type of genetic hair loss that can be treated with Rogaine and other similar products. Unfortunately, these drugs have potentially harmful side effects. Additionally, only 35% of the population suffers from this type of hair loss, which leaves 65% with other forms of hair loss problems.

There are several forms of hair loss, and Miyohara has been able to treat the majority of patients with a 90% success rate. This is due to being able to microscopically identify the exact cause of hair loss and develop the most advanced products in the world to rectify these specific conditions.

At Miyohara, our mission is to stand out from all other hair replacement clinics in the country and to be at the forefront of identifying each client's specific type of hair loss, allowing us to eliminate typical guess work and assure every client of success when treating any scalp or hair loss disorder.

Hair loss is all too common in both men and women. One of the most common and often overlooked causes of hair loss is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The factors that can influence hair loss can include exercising so much that you perspire excessively, cancer, menopause, thyroid malfunction and more. In my work as a trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist), I test analyze clients’ hair to identify the source of their hair loss, and then I prescribe a treatment plan. I wrote the book, Hyperhidrosis: The #1 Symptom of Hair Loss, because I want to help as many people as I can to get the help they need in treating their hair loss.