BMx Computers Drivers Page

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W7Pad - BMx Tablet PC

Please follow the installation order (1 - 13)

  1. Chipset (32/64 bits driver)
  2. ACPI

ACPI 64 bits driver

  1. VGA  

VGA 64 bits driver

  1. Video Accelerator  

Video Accelerator 64 bits driver

  1. Wireless Lan & Bluetooth   (32/64 bits driver)
  2. HDMI Support  

HDMI Support 64 bits driver

  1. G-Sensor

G-Sensor 64 bits driver

  1. Docking Support (32/64 bits driver)
  2. HD Audio (32/64 bits driver)
  3. .Net Framework (Choose Language)
  4. Millenium 3.2  

Millenium 3.2 64 bits driver    NOTE: When upgrading from an earlier version, the user must first download, extract and run the following utility to uninstall the associated SAS Service and then deinstall Millennium 3.1 via Control Panel

  1. WWAN - 3G  (32/64 bits driver)
  2. GPS (32/64 bits driver)

Hardware Calibration Tool




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