Developer Diary

Monday, 11 August2008, 12:20Pm (GMT +2)
The Past weeks been HeCtiC. I managed to query Windows Media Player and TVersity's Audio folders and files, so now the fun can begin. The trick will be to determine what the 3808 is looking at and where that fits in the overall structure. Experimentation during the next few days will determine if this is a viable option or not.

Tuesday, 5 August2008, 02:20Pm (GMT +2)
I've done some initial experiments with the receiver's Net browsing. It's a major pain to navigate the existing menu structure. The idea is to use Deamon 3808 to allow quick browsing and selection, then navigate Denon to the selected entry. There's two aspects to the browsing, the first is to retrieve the internet Radio, the second is browsing media servers. I am not to concerned with the media prowsers since this is a standard protocol that I've dealt with before. So, early this morning (1:30am) I finally managed to successfuly retrieve the denon's Internet Radio stations.

Next I will add Media Servers and implement "Selection" routines.

Monday, 4 August2008, 08:40Pm (GMT +2)
Finally some good news. Ed Simmons, aka GreenOnyx, confirmed that version finally detects his receiver and has provided some very useful feedback. Ed, Thanx man!

Time to start fine tuning the user interface. There seems to be an issue with the Source selection that does not display the correct source names. I have suggested that the SCR.Cfg file in the \Resources\ folder should be cleared. I'll await feedback before posting the next release.

Monday, 4 August2008, 01:30Pm (GMT +2)
Version compiled.
Comms is a pain! Special Thanx to GreenOnyx from AVS Forum, who reported problems with Auto Detection on his setup. I implemented a way to manually specify the IP address if auto detection does fail. I'll revisit auto-detection in following versions. For now, let's get the basic functions tested.

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