A simple Windows command line application to test TCP connectivity to an IPv4 host.

Ever had a situation where you wanted to test if an IPv4 host was listening on a particular TCP port, well PortPing is an answer to that need with a few additions.

PortPing tests connectivity to TCP ports ONLY, it is not an icmp based PING utility. The benefit of this is that you can test a host that is behind a Firewall (as long as the Firewall allows it, that is) where icmp is usually blocked.

PortPing can BIND to a local IP address on the windows host you are running it on.  This forces PortPing to use that IP address as the source address when it attempts to connect to the destination. This is especially useful if you have a Firewall that allows one local IP address through but not another on the same host.

If PortPing detects any returned data when it connects it will output this to the console so that you can see what was returned (useful for SMTP servers and alike).

If used in BATCH files PortPing will return an %ERRORLEVEL% of '0' for success and '3' for failure.

PortPing also includes help on how to use it so this will not be detailed here, If there is sufficient demand I may include some rudimentary documentation on this page, for the time being just type "portping -h" for help.

Oh Yes, the best bit is that PortPing is completely free.

To get PortPing click on Download

Finally credit where credit is due, PortPing is heavily based upon the "Basic Client" found on the "Winsock Programmer's FAQ" at http://tangentsoft.net/wskfaq/ and I was grately assisted by Lewis Collyer.

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