4 Cornish Towns You Must Visit

My wife and I recently visited the beautiful county of Cornwall in the UK, the towns of Port Issac, Padstow, Rock, and Wadebridge are a must for anyone visiting Cornwall. During our stay we briefly visited these stunning North Cornish towns.

Port Issac.

Image via Flickr by john47kent

Port Issac is a small village on the coast of North Cornwall, it's becoming hugely popular as a local tourist attraction since it was chosen as the film location for the English TV series "Doc Martin". The views from the area surrounding the car park on the hill, are stunning. As we entered the village at the bottom of the hill, it was busy with visitors, the main attraction being the shops and houses that feature in the TV series, but it was the lasting, historic beauty of the village and the surrounding area that impressed us most.


Image via Flickr by Dave Hamster

Another fine and sunny day, and as we explored the narrow busy streets it was hard to choose between all the cafes, restaurants, and pubs. We knew the celebrity chef Rick Stein had a restaurant in the town and as we passed by, the look and smell of the food were amazing. Eventually, we chose a restaurant called Crazy Golf And Greens Cafe. As we sat outside and ate our meals, we could see the small village of Rock, which was just a short boat trip across the Camel Estuary.


Image via Flickr by Kenny Hemphill

We took the boat crossing to Rock and as we crossed we could see the many sandy beaches and coves that the area is known for. The main part of the village is further up the hill, but the part that most people go to see is the narrow road that runs parallel with the sandy beach and forms a seafront area that is lined with cafes and restaurants, many of which have balcony aspects with a cosmopolitan feel. We really enjoyed the scenic aspect of the area and will certainly be keen to visit again.


Image via Flickr by MattWPBS

Wadebridge, the largest of the four towns, is a lovely historic town with great scenery. Crossing the bridge that spans the Camel Estuary to the other side of town, we noticed the Camel Cycle Trail, which goes all the way to Padstow and has some spectacular scenery. The town has a cinema mixed with plenty of shops, boutiques, pubs, and restaurants. For lunch, we decided between the American Bar Grill, and the Molesworth Arms, we chose the latter which was excellent. The wide streets of Wadebridge contrasted with the other villages we visited, but together they formed a perfect package.

The whole area that we visited last summer was full of stunning scenery and vibrant with visitors. With idyllic scenery, sandy beaches and coves, it's an area that should not be overlooked if visiting the southwest area of the UK. We look forward to visiting again very soon.