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Now everybody knows we are in a recession or depression, so brace for impact, we are having a hard landing!

DriveHQ.com has been in business since 2003. We started after the dotcom bust, so we know the "booms and busts". Unfortunately a lot of late-comers don't know that, they build their business on hypes and quick money. In a "good" time, many of them were actually successful, not necessarily in their product quality or profitability, but they were able to get a lot of VC investments. Now we are officially in a "bad" time, it could get worse, or much worse. We are learning a hard lesson: people need to build things on solid ground, not on vapor. When all the vapor dissipates, companies that don't yet make a profit will not survive in this recession. (Unfortunately, that means a lot of companies in this business, incl. many much-hyped companies!)

DriveHQ has built a business on solid ground. We never over spent on marketing hypes, we are always prepared for an industry consolidation; we never attempted to offer free services for everyone, and we never competed on a lower price.

What we do is, offer the best quality products and services, create value for our customers, bundle more features into our service, save cost for our customers! In a recession time, our Online Backup is "double" more reliable than any other online backup services: DriveHQ Online Backup is a solid product, and we are the company that has a a solid business.


3/9/2009 5:32:08 PM

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