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There are several ways to share files on DriveHQ.com.

Method 1: The easiest way to share files to anybody.

You can upload a file(s) to your account; then give your username and password to other people. The other people can logon DriveHQ.com using your username and password. The drawback is obvious: it is not safe to give your username and password to other people. However, you can change your password online at any time.

Method 2:  The standard way of sharing a folder to DriveHQ members or non-members.

Instead of providing your username / password to other people, you can share a folder to other people. Using DriveHQ.com website or DriveHQ FileManager client software, you can easily select a folder and click on Share to share a folder to other people and then send an automatically created "Share Notification Email". The other user will receive the notification email, click on the Share Link to access the shared folder and files in it.

When the other user is also a DriveHQ member, you can share a folder with full-access (read/write/delete) rights. Otherwise, the other user can only read / download your files.

Method 3: Group Sharing & Collaboration

This is the most powerful and secure file sharing method. DriveHQ Group Account service allows users to create sub-users. To become a group account, just logon www.drivehq.com, go to My Account, then click on Group Account. Once you become a group account, you can create/add/edit/delete/disable sub-users. There are 4 types of sub-users: Group Admin, Sub-group admin, regular member, Guest account.

The group account service is FREE! It comes with 1 free sub-user license. More user licenses can be ordered online at a very low price.

You can create sub-user accounts for your employees, clients or friends. This is more convenient as your clients, employees and friends don't need to sign up DriveHQ. It is also more managable as you have full control to the sub-user account. You can logon as a sub-user and test if the sub-user can access a shared folder. You can also change the sub-user password  or disable / delete it to block the sub-user account.

DriveHQ has created the most powerful sharing system on the cloud:

- You can share different folders to different sub-user(s) with different levels of access rights.

- You can share the same folder to different users with different levels of access rights. Just share the same folder again to other people and make sure to use a new / different share name.

- You can also create sub-groups and contact groups; you can share folders to different contact groups and set different levels of access rights.

- You can manage / edit existing Shares. Using DriveHQ.com website, go to My Storage --> Share --> Manage My Share; using DriveHQ FileManager, click on Tools --> Manage My share.

Method 4: Directly Sharing a File(s) to Non-DriveHQ members using a Static URL.

By default, all files are secure and private. Other people cannot access your files with any URL. (except in the group account case, the group admin / sub-group admin can access sub-user files by logging on as the sub-user).

To create static links to your file(s), you must have a paid account or a True Account. You can become a True Account by registering a Private Domain Business email address. Note free email or ISP email accounts are not qualified for True Account. You can also deposit a non-refundable $3 into your DriveHQ account to become a True Account.

If you have a True / Paid Account, you can select a folder and click on Publish. Once a folder is published, you can ehasily link to the folder and files in it using the special "Publish URLs". You can use the static file links for eBay, facebook, myspace or any other websites.

Another method is to use DriveHQ web hosting service. If you have a paid account, your website is usually enabled by default. You can access a default website at:


You can upload / copy files to the wwwhome folder; files in wwwhome folder can be linked as:


To access the web publishing feature, please logon www.drivehq.com, go to My Storage --> Publish --> Publish My Website. If you have any problem accessing the website, please disable and then re-enable your website to fix the problem.


3/30/2010 12:02:12 PM

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