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DriveHQ is one of the largest FTP Server Hosting service providers. We have a huge user base (more than 1 million registered users). A lot of users use automatic FTP synchronization / backup software that keeps connecting to our server, many users use our service for sharing very large files. Because of these, our FTP Servers have been hit with very high load all the time. We have kept upgrading our system and infrastructure to support more and more users.

Now we have just added a new FTP Site: ProFTP.drivehq.com, dedicated for paid members (incl. sub-users of paid group accounts). Existing paid DriveHQ members can connect to the new FTP Server name ProFTP.drivehq.com instead of ftp.drivehq.com.

For those users who use custom domain FTP Server hosting service, please add a new custom domain FTP DNS name that resolves to

Paid members can continue connecting to ftp.drivehq.com. In anyway, ProFTP.drivehq.com can offer a reliable backup to ftp.drivehq.com.


ProFTP.drivehq.com might perform faster than ftp.drivehq.com, however, there is no guarantee on that. It depends on the load at the time. 


The new ProFTP.drivehq.com has also dramatically improved its support for Active FTP. Active FTP is usually blocked by anti-virus software, firewalls or routers, etc. Using Active FTP, the FTP server must connect back to the client computer for FTP data connection, which is considered dangerous, thus it is usually blocked. Note such block has nothing to do with DriveHQ FTP server, but rather related with the firewall / router / anti-virus software in the client side.

Most popular FTP client software supports Passive FTP, which is usually not blocked by router / security / anti-virus software. Users can also use DriveHQ FileManager client software, which works just like FTP, but actually uses HTTP protocol.

Microsoft command-line FTP client is widely used by network administrators. However, it is "crippled" as it doesn't support Passive FTP. On the other hand, Windows Explorer can be used as a simple FTP client that supports drag and drop without installing any software!  Windows Explorer supports Passive FTP. Just enter the address:


With the new ProFTP.drivehq.com, Active FTP works fine if the NAT router supports translating FTP PORT command and allows the server to connect back to the client. It seems most routers now support these features.


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