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Application development environments -- gain better productivity by developing your measurement and control application using either graphical or text-based programming environments from National Instruments. With LabVIEW, you rapidly create front panel user interfaces, giving you interactive control of your software system. To specify functionality, you intuitively assemble block diagrams, a natural design notation for engineers and scientists. Measurement Studio delivers measurement tools for Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers, as well as the award-winning ANSI C development environment LabWindows/CVI. Both feature tight integration with hardware, and open connectivity with other software.

Add-on modules -- in addition to the LabVIEW and Measurement Studio development environments, you can select from a variety of specialized add-on modules and tools to help complete your system more quickly. These tools speed development for applications that need enterprise connectivity, including database connectivity and report generation. In addition, you can choose specialized analysis for sound and vibration, wavelets, order analysis, vision, and real-time.

Test management -- using National Instruments TestStand, you can create a complete framework for your entire test system. TestStand provides sequencing, looping, and decision-making capabilities to the test program, generates reports, and provides an interface between the test system and various enterprise systems, including databases, manufacturing execution systems, and quality systems.

Technical data management -- you can manage your data across your enterprise with several products from National Instruments. After data has been acquired using LabVIEW or Measurement Studio, you can easily store data in files and databases. Then, analyze your data offline with DIAdem, an interactive package with which you can extract data easily from numerous file formats and databases, manipulate and interactively analyze it using engineering-focused analysis routines, and generate standard professional reports.

Measurement Services
The measurement services software layer connects your application software or program to your test and measurement equipment. National Instruments software integrates a complete set of measurement and control services to guarantee the flexibility and power of your application.

Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI) -- IVI drastically reduces maintenance costs through software reuse. IVI is a specification that defines formal standards for instrument drivers; thus, you can reuse code developed with IVI and a specific model of instrument with other instruments. IVI drivers also provide performance enhancements such as state caching and multithreading. National Instruments is a charter member of the IVI foundation, and works to produce IVI drivers that facilitate the creation of measurement applications with our development environments and the hardware of your choice.

OLE for process control (OPC) -- OPC specifies a real-time interface for industrial and control hardware and software, to insure interoperability between multiple vendors, including distributed control systems, SCADA systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and industrial communication networks. As an open platform, NI incorporates the latest OPC standards in our hardware and software products. For example, the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module and Lookout are both OPC servers and clients. Our hardware offering of OPC servers include FieldPoint distributed I/O, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and data acquisition.

Device drivers -- Device drivers are the software used to configure hardware at the lowest level to communicate with software. National Instruments is committed to ensuring that its hardware device drivers work with the most popular programming interfaces, such as LabVIEW, Measurement Studio, Microsoft Visual Basic, and C. Each driver contains a library that isolates you from the hardware-specific register commands and gives you simple, yet powerful programming application program interfaces (APIs). For examples, the NI-DAQ API works on all National Instruments E Series multifunction DAQ products; likewise the NI-SCOPE API works on all National Instruments high-speed digitizers

10/18/2005 10:25:33 AM

LabVIEW Graphical development environment for data acquisition, analysis, and presentation SignalExpress Interactive software for quickly acquiring, comparing, automating, and storing measurements Measurement Studio Add-on development tools for Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ LabWindows/CVI ANSI C application development environment for data acquisition VI Logger Configuration-based data logging software Add-On Products NI-DAQmx High-performance, multithreaded driver for Windows NI-DAQmx Base Data acquisition driver for Linux and Mac OS X Measurement Hardware DDK Custom, register-level driver development

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omg !it is so long 1

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