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Hi, I have been using HQ backup for years. When I go in now it says I don't have any backup tasks, that I have to create a new task. If I look on my online storage there is backed up stuff. Why has this happened all of a sudden. I don't want to have to delete what is on online storage and have to restart my backup because I will lose valuable information.

3/24/2009 1:52:18 PM

Sorry for the inconvenience.

DriveHQ Online Backup synchronizes the task list on your local PC and on our server. This way, if you have backup tasks on multiple PCs, the task lists will be merged and you can see tasks created on multiple PCs. The synchronization process was not robust enough in the old version, which could fail due to different reasons (e.g. network un-plug, Wi-Fi lost signal, computer goes into standby mode, power outage, temporary server issues, etc.). If the synchronization failed, the task list could become lost.

The latest version 4.5 Online Backup has dramatically improved the process. Instead of synchronizing the task list directly, it always creates a backup copy of the task list. Thus if the synchronization fails, the task list will not become lost. We have very rarely heard people losing task list now.

Please note the problem does not affect your data already backed up on DriveHQ.

To fix the problem , please re-create the same backup tasks using exactly the same info. (esp. the same task names and source folders). DriveHQ Online Backup automatically skips uploading the same files again. So it will be very fast to finish uploading again.





3/26/2009 9:26:47 PM

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