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My company needs to allow some clients to download installer files  ( in exe format).

Basically the following are the steps

1.  we upload these files to our server folder in DriveHQ.

2.   DriveHQ would assign a URL for these files.

3.  Then we would email these clients the URL for these files.  The clients would then click on this URL and download the said files.

Does DriveHQ has such facilities ?    It would be like FileFactory.com 



We want to know

  1.  how much will this cost 

  2.   can we locked the folder  with a password so that  only clients with the correct password can download the file

  Thank you and please advise.







8/9/2016 3:59:12 PM

 Thanks very much for reaching out to us. The functionality that you specified above is absolutely possible with DriveHQ's cloud collaboration and management service. Once you upload your content to DriveHQ, you can either share folders/files with particular users using their email addresses to verify permission, or you can use a standard publishing feature in which case they would need the private publish URL in order to access the published content. The best method will be dependent on how many users you're sharing with, and how much content you're sharing. 

As far as price is concerned, DriveHQ would not have any special charge for the functionality you mentioned, so you will just need to order a subscription plan that satisfies your storage and user license requirements. Please look to our pricing and subscription pages to see the different plan sizes. If you have unusual download/upload usage or have additional questions about our service, please email support@drivehq.com


Thank You,
DriveHQ Support

8/9/2016 5:37:28 PM

Thanks for the response.  But  I do need some clarifications on your statement  

"you can use a standard publishing feature in which case they would need the private publish URL in order to access the published content "

Please explain more on this statement.  And I would like to test it out before we purchase your product.

What we want are

1. Upload a file to DriveHQ folder

2. Make it as a URL and email our client to download the file using this URL.

Each client would have a UNIQUE file to download,  using a UNIQUE URL


We need you to explain the step 2. " Make it as a URL "    --- How do we do this ?  

How do we publish it ?  Do you have a template or buttons on your website to help us to publish it ?

As you see that FileFactory.com  has this facility where you can upload a file and they make a URL link to that file

so that other people can download the file via that URL .

But we won't be using FileFactory as we were advised by many of our business asssociates.





8/10/2016 12:25:34 AM


Publishing is not a feature that is available to unpaid users, but if you reach out to us to the above email address, we can help you gain access to a demo account. Or, if you are going to have a large subscription on DriveHQ (at least 20 users and 100GB), we can set you up with an enterprise trial account. 

1) Having nonDriveHQ users upload (or download) content to/from DriveHQ is not a problem. You can read more on our publishing feature here: https://www.drivehq.com/ServiceManual.aspx#_Toc265186677. We also support drop box folders if you would like to ONLY have users upload content to a folder (this means they will not see the physical folder contents, only have the ability to upload):https://www.drivehq.com/features/dropbox.aspx
2) When files are uploaded and then chosen to be either shared or published, you will have a specific link for that share/published content. You can test the sharing feature with a free account as you currently have setup. 

Please send us an email directly if you have more questions or will need temporary access to a demo account. This is not information that will be displayed on our forum. 


Thank You,
DriveHQ Support

8/10/2016 9:08:30 AM

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