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 When I went to view recorded video I was able to select a date/time and I would get a timeline which allowed me to view the video. Now when I click the "calander" picker, I get a list of video segments and selecting one plays just that segment. This is a recent change. Why? I need to be able to quickly view the video sements as a continuous stream (which is what I use to be able to do) 

10/5/2016 8:30:34 AM

 Thanks for reaching out to us, Gerry. I believe you are referring to your account with CameraFTP, correct? Please note for future that CameraFTP does have a separate support forum:https://www.cameraftp.com/Bbs/SupportForum.aspx/bbsID1100

CameraFTP recently did undergo updates which should vastly improve online player functionality. I quickly ran a test selecting a time with the calendar feature, and was not able to duplicate any such scenario of only that selected portion playing back. In my testing, it continues to play starting at the selected period. 

Can you please tell us what computer type/os and internet browser you are using? Please also be sure to test with a different browser/computer if available.

You can send your detail to support@cameraftp.com for prompt support. 


Thank You,
DriveHQ Support

10/5/2016 9:20:30 AM

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