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I've tried emailing support and get zero replies.  I'm using WWWBackup 3.5 and it isn't working anymore.  I get this popup:

Cannot access DriveHQ.com, please make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Can anyone at DriveHQ help?

7/18/2007 4:43:26 PM

Hi, sorry for that. Usually you should receive a reply in a couple hours. If you don't receive a reply, please try to send another email using a different email account. Note we receive thousands of spam emails everyday, so we have to turn on spam filters; and your email might have been filtered.

For your issue, please do this:

(1) Upgrade to our latest version DriveHQ Online Backup 3.8, Build 244 from:


(2) If it still doesn't work, please make sure you don't have anti-virus software or network security software that has blocked it. Also make sure cookie is enabled.


7/18/2007 7:16:42 PM

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