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We are transferring a variety of files through the Drive Mapping Tool interface.  We had files transferring all night, and then this morning at 9:28AM everything just paused.  No transfer was taking place...everything just stopped.  I then opened up the "More info" window and everything started moving along again.  I believe that the software was blocking on something and opening this window caused it to unblock.  This has been happening over the past couple of days, but I never got it to unblock before.  You can see that it took over 30 minutes to complete the file...which ultimately completed very quickly when the software started transferring again.

I believe that this situation may be based on the cache size set in the Drive Mapping tool.  The software defaults to a cache of 5120.  I changed it to 10240 and everything became much more active as far as being able to keep files uploading constantly.  However, the software tended to stall and stop working quite often.  I have now changed it to 7168, and it worked for much longer but had this stall which resolved itself.

As I was writing this, the detail listing was closed again, and the software has again failed and paused.  I opened the detail window and the software immediately issued an error with the file.  This time it had an API status code: 4

The cache of the software is listed as being a beta version in the Drive Mapping Tool.  What does the beta nature mean?  It seems that the beta date is quite old.  


2nd error message described:


First error condition showing over a half hour pause on the file:


1/16/2020 10:34:14 AM

When transferring large amount of data, please avoid using WebDAV Cloud Drive. DriveHQ has a much more reliable and efficient tool DriveHQ FileManager. FileManager is our software. It has been optimized for transferring very large files and any amount of data. It can display very detailed progress info, and it can automatically resume if your network is interrupted.

WebDAV Cloud Drive is slightly different. When using a cloud mapped drive, you actually use Microsoft Windows Explorer as the client software - which is not DriveHQ's software. DriveHQ provides the WebDAV server, but not the WebDAV client in this case. Windows Explorer's WebDAV Client is not efficient/reliable. DriveHQ WebDAV Tool's cache engine has dramatically improved Explorer's efficiency and reliability. For regular use, it should be very fast and reliable. But for transferring huge amount of data, File Manager is much better. You can download DriveHQ FileManager on DriveHQ.com website, click the Software tab on top.

1/16/2020 11:10:24 AM

 The software now continues to generate API status code 4 error messages periodically.

1/16/2020 11:11:15 AM

The DriveHQ file manager will not allow transfer from a network server share.  When I type in the \\servername\sharename, the software simply won't accept the entry.

I am using Unstoppable Copier from Roadkil  (https://www.roadkil.net/program.php?ProgramID=29) to do the copying from the share to your software.  It has been the most reliable solution.  Aside from the strange name, I have used the utility in a variety of difficult situations, often where copying large volumes of data are involved.  Windows Explorer often crashes just trying to get a grasp of a copying task.  Unstoppable Copier is able to handle large transfers very reliably.

I also have tried using "Free File Sync" an open source flie synchronization utility.  Unfortunately, it issues the API Status Code 4 error on all of the files it tries to update...

I would be happy to use your transfer utility if it could accept a network share name.  Perhaps you could lend some insight as to how I might do that.

1/16/2020 11:18:12 AM

DriveHQ FileManager supports local network drives. You can:

(1) Map your local network folder as a drive letter. You can then navigate to the mapped drive.

(2) You can drag and drop files/folders between Windows Explorer and DriveHQ FileManager. If you just installed DriveHQ FileManager, please reboot your computer first (or you can kill the Explorer.exe process and then re-launch it from Task Manager). After reboot, you can type in the UNC path in Windows Explorer, then you can drag files/folders in your network folder to DriveHQ FileManager. (or use Copy and Paste).



1/16/2020 11:35:51 AM

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