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 I use links to frequently used data folders so that I can access files quickly and easily from other applications. How can I determine the path to specific files in my file manager?

For example if I log in to file manager the path to my documents appears to be /documents . However, that path will not access that folder. Is there a file path available that is similar to C:\Users\John Doe\Documents?

I have used other cloud based storage systems that provide an exact path to a file. However, those services seem to have been centered around drive mapping.

Thank you

5/28/2010 4:41:51 AM

You cannot directly access DriveHQ remote files from other applications. However, you can synchronize a local folder with a remote folder using DriveHQ FileManager. This way, you can simply access the local file path.

Also, you can double click on a remote file in DriveHQ FileManager; it will open the registered application. You can edit the file and save it directly. The file will be saved in a local cache folder and then automatically synchronized back to DriveHQ.

Finally, you can also use DriveHQ FTP Folder. Microsoft Office supports FTP folder. You can use our premium FTP Server at:



5/29/2010 12:46:00 AM

We have recently re-enabled WebDAV Drive Mapping. You can map DriveHQ Online Storage as a "virtual" local drive. This way, other applications can access your files using regular Windows file path. For more info, please visit:


Please note WebDAV drive mapping is not as efficient as DriveHQ FileManager / DriveHQ FTP. If you need to upload / download a lot of files / folders, or if you need to access your online files frequently, it is strongly recommended using DriveHQ FileManager client software.

8/8/2010 6:19:34 PM

I want to use this site for placing TMPX.JPGs on eBay site and am having trouble developing the correct path.Can you give me a template

10/3/2010 10:23:06 AM

Here you asked a different question. You are actually asking about how to get static URLs. By default, your folders / files are secure and private. To create static links, you need to publish a folder, or publish your website. For more info, please visit:




10/3/2010 11:53:12 PM

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