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Hello.  I'm sort of kind of new to DriveHQ.  We used it where I used to work, but now I want to use it for my personal use and for my business.

Here's what I'm trying to understand:

In the past I used to save files to my computer that started to slow it down.  Now I have a new computer and want to prevent that.  Can Drive HQ help?  I have registered for DriveHQ Online Backup and DriveHQ File Manager. I would like to know I can safely transfer those large files over to one of these and then be able to delete them from my computer knowing they are safely stored in DriveHQ.  Also, if this is possible, which would be the best one to transfer files to? Online back up or file manager?  Common sense tells me Online backup, but I'd like to hear it from someone who knows more about these softwares than I do.

Thank you.

3/25/2011 8:25:09 PM

 >>>In the past I used to save files to my computer that started to slow it down. 

I guess your hard disk storage usage was too high, and a lot of files were fragmented. Using DriveHQ Online Backup, you can automatically backup those files to DriveHQ cloud storage. However, we usually don't recommend deleting your local files. It is ok to delete source files after they have been backed up. DriveHQ Online Backup does not delete files backed up on server even if the source files have been deleted. 

If you really want to delete local (source) files, then it is better to use DriveHQ FileManager. You can drag and drop files/folders to DriveHQ using FileManager. You can also double click on a remote file, edit it; after finished, just click on Save to save the file. It will be saved to a local cache folder and then automatically sync-ed to DriveHQ remote storage.



3/26/2011 2:09:51 AM

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