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It seemed easy to set up the account for Outlook.  I am able to get incoming mail without a problem.  I did all the set up steps, including having the outgoing server authentication box checked, and the bullet for use same settings as my incoming server.  When I try to check mail, it comes through fine.  When I go to send, the messages just set in the inbox.  When I force a send, it times out.  Sending from web mail seems to work without a problem.

Side-bar: I had an email sent to an old account, indicating that my account was set up in drivehq.  I did not have a link, etc. to use to reply and 'verify' or 'activate' the drivehq account.  Any help appreciated!

11/22/2007 7:29:30 AM

If it times out, usually it is because (1) you are sending an email with large attachments; (2) Your ISP blocked SMTP.

Could you try with a very small test email? Outlook should report an error message if it cannot send an email.

Please note DriveHQ customer support is using the same email system and we have hundreds of thousands of people using our service. So it is more likely to be a local settings or local ISP related problem. If possible, please try from a different computer (with a different network connection).

11/23/2007 5:32:02 PM

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