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 Hi, We have a free account for uploading ftp files from a remote device in the mountains  for make some test, but we have this problem << free service users can logon 100 times, plus 10 times/day>>

We use another server to take the file  ( with temperature and pollution data)  and download it 

Wich is the cheapest plan without this limit? 

We can upgrade without changin our account username password? 

We use drivehq only for a reasearch testing, university will close tests in next 6 moths

5/27/2021 12:00:41 AM

The FTP/SFTP feature is a business feature. It is included in any business plan. The lowest plan is “Business Basic Plan with 3 users”, which includes 15GB storage space and 4 accounts (1 main + 3 sub-accounts) for $144/year.

Please note the Business Basic plans include a lot of business features, incl. WebDAV Drive Mapping (Cloud File Server), DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup, Sharing and Collaboration, etc.

>>> Which is the cheapest plan without this limit? 

We offer 25% discount to non-profit organizations. For more info, please contact DriveHQ customer support via email. 

>>> We can upgrade without changing our account username password? 


>>> We use drivehq only for a reasearch testing, university will close tests in next 6 moths


You can order a monthly service plan, which you can cancel online at any time. 


5/27/2021 12:23:23 AM

 there is a limit of Business Basic in the number of ftp connections?

normally we use a home made application to connect every 10 minutes to see if there are new files to download , so there are 24x5 = 125 connections every day

I send an email for the 25% discount

5/27/2021 12:53:53 AM

In general, business plans don't limit FTP usage level or the limit is very high. It is subject to fair-use rule, i.e. your usage level should not be dramatically higher than normal usage level. Otherwise, it might be detected as abusing our service. 

The usage level based on your description is fine. 


If the device is an IP camera / DVR, please use CameraFTP.com instead of DriveHQ.com. CameraFTP offers Cloud Storage for IP cameras/DVRs. It is a leading cloud recording / Home & Business Monitoring service provider.

5/27/2021 1:10:34 AM

 payed. waiting 

5/28/2021 4:06:49 AM

We have processed your order. Thank you.  If you have any account-specific questions, please feel free to call or email us.  ( Note: this forum is a public forum )

5/28/2021 8:35:34 AM

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