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    Hi, I created a directory, to share it with some friends.
But, when I use the link associated to that folder and I access, to test if it does work, I see that there's only a download command and no upload possibilities, despite the fact that I set "Full Access". I tried, also, with "Upload/Add" choice. Nothing to do.

  I was asking:

Is it possible that, when someone connects to that link directly, without logging on, he has only the possibility to download?

To upload, someone has necessarily to sign up and log on every time, entering in his panel and going on shared folders?

I mean, the fact that he could access that link, doesn't mean that it should be able, also to upload?

Thank you very much.

9/15/2006 1:50:47 AM

Technically it is possible to let non-members to upload files to a shared folder. However, to avoid abuse, in case of any possible legal claims, we want to make sure we can find out who uploaded the files. If the user is a non-member, we don't know who uploaded it.

We understand that sometimes users may not want to sign up an account on DriveHQ. In this case, you can use our group account feature, which let you create sub-accounts. You can assign a sub-account to your friends so they can access your shared folders with full access right, but without giving them access to your own account.

9/15/2006 2:44:49 AM

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