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 ihtiyacımı karşılayacak bulut yedekleme ,i kamera , muhasebe verileri hakkında


uygun maliyetler ile veri akışı yapmak 

3/18/2022 8:26:31 AM

Based on Google Translate, it seems you mean " About cloud backup, I camera, accounting data to meet my needs. data flow with affordable costs ".

Sorry I am not sure about your question. However, please note DriveHQ's FTP/SFTP Hosting service cannot be used for IP cameras/DVRs.

We have a far better service for IP cameras/DVRs at www.cameraftp.com. CameraFTP is a leading Cloud Recording and Home/Business Monitoring service provider. You can fully customize a service plan based on your budget and quality requirements. Please watch this video about CameraFTP service or visit www.cameraftp.com


3/18/2022 8:52:49 AM

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