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 Hi All!,


Is there any chance to have an email notification, on any new upload in a selected directory?

Thank you!

10/20/2023 6:06:06 AM

It could generate too many notification emails. DriveHQ does not support it for regular folders or regular upload methods. 

If you share a folder with others, you can check the Checkbox "Send share change notification". When other users upload a file to the shared folder, they will be prompted to send a "Share change notification email".

If you use our "True Drop Box Folder" feature (which enables anybody to upload files to you securely), when a user uploads a file to the Drop Box folder, it will automatically send a notification email to you.

10/20/2023 8:51:39 AM

 Thank you very much for your fast reply.
I receive notification only when I upload new items via the web drop box.

In case of FTP upload I receive nothing. Am I missing something?

10/20/2023 10:07:22 AM

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