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I am looking to share my mp3's. Do you offer embedded html for where a file is stored?

1/30/2008 8:13:14 AM

Yes. We can support. However, please note you must be a True or Premium/Paid Member. By default, your files are secure and private; you can share your files to other people, or publish your files for the public. To create static links that can be embedded in a web page, you need to use the "Publish" feature. You can publish your files / folders using DriveHQ website, just log on and go to Online Storage & Sharing, then click on Publish. It is much easier and faster if you use DriveHQ FileManager 4.0.

Please note a True Member is still a free service member. To become a true member, you must use a private domain email address, (free emails / ISP emails are no good), or you can deposit at least $3 into your DriveHQ account.

The free service is designed for personal and casual use only, so it has a lot of restrictions. For business use or heavy use, please consider upgrading to our premium service.

1/30/2008 8:00:17 PM

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