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Premium group account. All have individual sub accounts. 5 computers synching with a share perfectly except:

SOMETIMES (don't you hate that word)

Machine A deletes a file or more usually subdirectory locally
User A sees file disappear from local drive
File disappears from SYNCed folder on server

File usually disappears from local folder of machine B and C
Note I said Usually

Sometimes, particularly if a machine eg D has been offline and comes online, though this is not the ONLY time, instead of deleting its local copy, it replaces it back onto the server which then propagates the file to ALL clients.

In short the file never dies!!!!!

Been fighting this a while. Tried:
a) Checking time stamps on files on all machines - seem ok
b) Tested to see if its always the same machine or combination - No its not
c) Deleting the whole share and starting again - same problem

All machines running Windows XP SP2 and FileHQ4.0269

Mapping to a hard drive like you used to before I joined would be much easier.!

Whilst the system is failing safe ie no files re being deleted, this is becoming a pain in the proverbial as users move files around in their shared workspace.

Open to suggestions.

2/7/2008 12:25:05 AM

We have seen this issue:

When UserA deletes a file in a group sync-ed folder, and if UserB syncs the folder with his local folder, FileManager will prompt UserB that the file has been deleted on server and if it is ok to delete the file on his local machine. If UserB clicks No, then the file is sync-ed back to server, which then propagates to all other sync-ed PCs.

To solve this problem,

(1) You might want to stop sync-ing the folder with all users. You can use the shared folder on server directly. When you need to edit a file and save it back to server, you can simply open the file on server, edit it and save it; the file is saved in a cache folder and then sync-ed back to server automatically.

(2) DriveHQ FileManager has one-way folder synchronization so that it doesn't automatically sync folders from one direction.


2/9/2008 3:56:48 AM

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