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I can not connect to the FTP service using the Windows FTP program, which I run from the command prompt.
After entering:  

FTP ftp://www.drivehq.com

I get the response connected, but can not enter the user name and password. After some time, the connection is closed by the host.

2/16/2008 3:23:51 AM

This is one of the most frequently asked questions; the asnwer is available in FAQ:

http://www.drivehq.com/ftp/ click on FAQ and Expand All

Please note FTP has 2 modes, Active and Passive. Unfortunately MS command-line FTP client is crippled as it only supports Active, which is almost always blocked by Firewalls. You can use MS command-line FTP client only if you have no firewalls and if your PC has a public Internet IP address.

You can use DriveHQ FileManager 4.0 client, which has a lot of great features and generally much faster than regular FTP client.

You can also use Windows Explorer to access DriveHQ FTP service, just enter the path:



2/16/2008 7:34:12 PM

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