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I could connect yesterday, but have not been able to connect to the FTP server all day today (07-25-11). Sure would be nice to have a server status page somewhere to know whether it is down or if I have a problem on my end. Worked perfect for 1 day, but I need much better reliability than that. Will wait for a response before canceling my account.  :-(

7/25/2011 11:17:03 PM


Are you using FTP? Our FTP servers are working fine. Please email us more detailed information about the problem.

If you have a free service account, please note there are a few restrictions, incl. you can only logon about 20-25 times / day;  also you should not connect too frequently as it could result in your account being blocked by our monitoring software.

It is recommended using DriveHQ File Manager., which has a lot mroe and better features than regular FTP.

7/26/2011 12:16:25 AM

I signed up for a minimum account and it has been working ever since. Thanks for the reply.

7/27/2011 7:58:18 PM

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