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Hi DriveHQ,

Excellent storage and programs .. one strange situation.

I upload a new file, overriding the old name.

When I go to my other site and look at it in the regular navigation mode, "My Storage" everything is fine, the properties show today as a modification date and the latest size
and the file downloads with the most recent data.

When I look at it with the FileManager, it shows the previous version, both in size and modifcation date, and I am quite sure it even the older file, it does not even restore
to the same as the "My Storage" file, missing the newer records .. thus the previous

It is possible that the originating upload site is not yet completely signed off (File Manager
was signed off, however .. I checked that)  there might be a browser window open.

This is a bit perplexing, I am definitely looking at the same folder and file.

I can get around it for now by using "My Storage" method, however there appears
to be a glitch in the system to be checked out and rectified.


Steven Avery
Queens, NY

3/7/2008 1:42:51 PM

For better performance, DriveHQ FileManager caches file info.

Please click on the refresh button; or log out FileManager and log on again to refresh the changes.

3/9/2008 8:45:37 AM

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