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 I initially had my security camera to upload images via ftp based on motion detection.  When it was configured in this way, I never saw a single image uploaded (aside from the manual tests that succeeded).  

I switched over to the interval uploads, now set to upload an image every 12 seconds.  This works, and I'm seeing my images now.

I read there may be limits to the maximum uploads per minute, and I was wondering if this may be why the motion detection was failing to upload images? I don't have any throttling options on the motion detection, so I can only imagine it was spamming the ftp server more than 10x/minute whenever something was jumping in front of the camera.   

I would certainly prefer to use the motion detection over the constant interval uploads, so do you have any suggestions to get this to work?  I'm using a DLink 930L camera.

Also, I saw some old posts that indicated the maximum is either 10x/minute or 6x/minute - has the limit been changing?   If this changes, can we get notified somehow, or is there an official page that specifies this info?

6/15/2012 7:46:38 AM

If you cannot limit the frequency of uploads with motion detection, then it probably was blocked for connecting too many times. There is no way for us to trouble-shoot your camera. However, you can easily verify the problem with a GUI-based FTP client, such as FileZilla.

If you have a paid account, (it requires a paid account to use security cameras with our FTP service), you can use cameraftp.drivehq.com instead. For more information, please visit:



6/16/2012 11:34:19 PM

DriveHQ has launched www.cameraFTP.com, a new FTP service optimized for IP cameras. DriveHQ offers a complete Cloud IT Solution, which includes a state-of-the-art FTP server hosting service. Many security camera users have used our FTP service to store the recorded images offsite. Because DriveHQ.com has so many features, it might be a little hard to find the right features for security cameras.

With www.CameraFTP.com, it is much easier. You can configure your camera to upload images to ftp.cameraftp.com, (or IP Address:, and you can remotely monitor the scene or play back the old images using our CameraShow feature.

Security cameras are not secure themselves. They can be easily destroyed or tampered. By using CameraFTP service, even if an intruder destroys the security camera, he cannot delete the images stored in CameraFTP's secure data center.

If you already have a security camera (or network camera, IP camera, surveillance camera), you definitely should try our CameraFTP service. If you don't have a security camera yet, you might want to buy one now. The cost has dropped dramatically in the past few years. Now you can buy a decent quality wireless security camera for only about $100. Dependent on your image quality and upload frequency, CameraFTP service starts at only $1.5/month!

For only about $100 to a few hundred dollars, you can make your home or business much more secure. Isn't it a very good investment?

6/25/2012 4:43:35 PM

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