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Can someone please show me a typical html format for thisnsite something like the one below that works that will allow me to insert pics in eBay text.  I just can't get this to work on ebay as I try to insert html pics in the text.

<IMG SRC="http://www.launch.net.au/~bpm123/surfcash/kiss1.jpg"><br>




4/14/2008 10:08:14 AM

Hi Pete, you need to use the Publish feature. By default, files on DriveHQ.com are private and secure, they cannot be linked from other websites without logon.

You can very easily publish a folder / file using DriveHQ FileManager or the website. Just select a folder / file and click on Publish button. Once a folder is published, you can use the Publish URLs to link to the folder or files in it.

You must be a True or Paid Account to publish. To become a True account, you can either deposit $3 into your account, or use a private domain business email address. (ISP email address is not valid). A True account is still a free service account; so it is recommended upgrading to our premium service.


4/14/2008 10:26:15 AM

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