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Every time I log into our Network Attached Storage in the local window to copy files to Drive HQ (using 3.5), the program seems to lock up, sometimes for a short while, sometimes to the extent I have to reboot.  I was under the impression that DriveHQ worked across a local network for files uploading.  This doesn't seem to happen on my other network where the PC's host the data, not the NAS.  And it didn't happen originally on the NAS, as I was able to upload about 60% of my info to the server. But now..... Any guidance? Ideas to resolve?


12/1/2006 4:29:00 PM

Let me clarify it:

You tried to copy files from your NAS server to DriveHQ.com storage using your local PC; so your local PC maps a shared folder or network drive on the NAS server?

Please note DriveHQ FileManager doesn't handle mapping of local network drives. This is handled by Windows OS. So the lock-up is likely related with the networking problem between your local PC to the NAS server. In any case, you should be able to kill FileManager using Windows Task Manager.


12/2/2006 1:03:02 AM

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