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For the last few days I am unable to upload any files using FTP. I am always receiving the following error even though the size of my files is under 50Mb.

550 Free users can upload 50MB each time. To resume, please log off and log on again AFTER 2 minutes. You can also upgrade to premium service at www.drivehq.com for only $2.99/month.

3/11/2013 1:17:21 PM

Witht he greatest of respect, the error message doesn't seem self explanatory. It suggests that the maximum file size is 50MB which is what I always understood it to be, however the file I am trying to upload is significantly smaller than this.

I am also aware of the 1GB total limit which I am also under. Is there some other limit for free accounts that I am unaware of?

3/11/2013 3:44:48 PM

The error message says: "550 Free users can upload 50MB each time. To resume, please log off and log on again AFTER 2 minutes."

Here 550 is just an FTP response code. So the real meaning is "Free users can upload 50MB each time". Each time means each continuous logon. If you log off and immediately logon again, it will be considered the same logon. You need to log off and wait for a while before you logon again.

You can also use DriveHQ FileManager client software. With FileManager, you just need to click on Ok to resume. There is no need to wait.

Anyway, DriveHQ service is optimized for businesses. You can use our free service, which is designed for personal and casual users only. If it is for business, please upgrade to a paid account. The price actually starts at only $1.99/month now! Annually, you can save additional 2 months for only $19.99/year.


3/11/2013 5:26:05 PM

I submitted a post saying I was also experiencing the same problem.  After a few hours it was deleted. 

Again: I also have the same problem as troublegum.  The problem appeared only in the past few days.  Uploading even tiny files causes the problem.


3/15/2013 12:46:47 PM

Still not fixed. In the meantime I have switched to Bakop http://www.bakop.com/   From what I have read, and from my experience to date this is an outstanding service.  I won't be returning to DriveHQ.

3/16/2013 4:11:49 PM

I also am still having the problem.


I repeat that I am well under the 1GB limit, and the problem occurs even when uploading a file under 1KB. I have tried logging off for 24 hours or so but the problem persists. Either there is some other limit that we are not being told about, eg uploaded too much stuff over the space of a year, or there is some kind of fault.

3/16/2013 4:15:05 PM

The problem only affected a few free service users. It seems the FTP server cached some usage information and could not automatically refresh it. We have manually refreshed the cached information and it is working fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please also note the problem did not affect DriveHQ.com website, DriveHQ FileManager client software, DriveHQ Online Backup client software or DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping service. Using native DriveHQ software usually works better than 3rd party FTP software.

Ordering our paid subscription is also recommended esp. if you use our service regularly, or if you use it for business purpose. The paid service starts at only $1.99/month and you can save additional 2 months/year if you order annually.  


3/17/2013 4:43:35 PM

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