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I really appreciate the DriveHQ's web service.
BTW, seeing DriveHQ Email Online Help, I don't know how to send not a html format e-mail but a text format e-mail on webmail. It seems such a choice is not found in Email Option or Account Option.


5/31/2008 1:18:08 PM

The text email option seems no longer available using DriveHQ Webmail. We will check and fix the problem. The good thing is in most cases HTML email works better.

Also please note we don't intend to compete with other popular free email services. DriveHQ email hosting service, combined with Online Backup service, Online File Storage service, FTP / File Server hosting service and web hosting service, is designed to provide all IT needs of small businesses. You can create / manage private domain email / FTP accounts. Create private domain websites, access your "virtual file server" from anywhere securely without the need of VPN.

Recently, we have launched another great email backup, management and migration tool - DriveHQ Email Manager. Please check it out at:



5/31/2008 3:08:37 PM

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