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I am writing a page for me to upload file from a website.
The page is written by php.
I find a problem that when I upload a file. It return false to me. The file exist in the ftp server, but its file size is 0B in the ftp. In the process, it can successfully connect and login to the ftp server by the php code.
Can you tell me what problem it is?

6/5/2008 12:45:58 AM

Unfortunately, this question doesn't seem to be related with our service. You can upload files from our website to our online storage. To upload files from another website to our online storage, you need to use the standard FTP protocol / API; DriveHQ also has advanced proprietary APIs for integrating with DriveHQ services. You can email DriveHQ bizdev for more info.

6/5/2008 4:21:51 AM

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