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Hi, after using your service for a few weeks, I have found more and more services you offer. What's more, I have started to see the value. When I initially see you also offer free email service, I thought why bother, there are too many free emails.

But then your email service supports SMTP/POP3, and according to the online help, you also support private domain emails. So this really beats Gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail.

Well, the questions are: I can get POP3 to work fine, but SMTP doesn't work. So I cannot send emails from outlook. Second thing is: how can I setup private domain email? FYI, I already have a premium account.

Happy New Year!

12/31/2006 1:33:30 PM

Thank you for using our services.

(1) The SMTP question is most frequently asked. Well, it is actually very clearly written in the online help:


Please read the last screenshot at the botton of the online help page. The key point here is:

"DriveHQ SMTP requires authentication". This is to avoid "bad guys" from using DriveHQ SMTP to spam other users.

(2) For private domain email (and website), please note you must be a premium user, which you are, so that's good. You need to logon www.drivehq.com, then visit:


You can enter your private domain name there. NOTE, DriveHQ doesn't sell domain names. You need to buy it from so-called domain registrar companies such as Verisign, Register.com, etc.


12/31/2006 2:19:49 PM

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