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I just recently upgraded tot he latest version of the File Manager application and now it seems to be crashing on a regular basis.  I can't even get one task to start without it crashing.  Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

7/10/2013 7:02:16 AM

FileManager 5.2 Build 371 seems to be very reliable. Very few customers have reported problems.

Previous version FileManager also rarely crashes. If it crashes consistently, there must be some other cause. Please report detailed information to DriveHQ customer support. If needed, we can trouble shoot the problem remotely.

You can try to reinstall the software, make sure no anti-virus software or security software blocked anything. Also try to stop any such software (anti-virus, security, firewall) temporarily and see if the problem still persists.

7/10/2013 11:05:12 AM

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