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When i try to connect to the FTP site i get the message, errir 421 failed to create a active ftp data connection. What do I need to do?



2/20/2007 12:39:03 PM

Hi, please note it has error message saying that you must use Passive FTP when connecting from within a firewall. Active FTP requires our FTP server connects to your PC, which is always blocked by firewall as a kind of intrusion.

Almost all GUI-based FTP client software supports Passive FTP. On Windows platform, it is recommened to install DriveHQ FileManager 3.5 as it is more native to DriveHQ and it has a lot more features than regular FTP.

2/20/2007 9:17:28 PM

Share Name contains invalid character(s).
A share name can only contain only alphabet,number, '-', '_' and space


How do I correct the situation listed above?




Mary Wong

8/3/2013 6:32:34 PM

The message seems to be clear. You can only use alpha-numeric characters in a share name. For example, you can use "Project2013" as a share name, but you cannot use "Project 2013" or "project_2013" as a share name.

I am not sure if we still have this kind of restrictions. Could you please email us a screenshot showing the problem?

8/4/2013 2:51:41 PM

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