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Using a paid service option, is there a limit to logons and files uploaded?  I am using the free currently and it stopped logging.  Please clarify.  Thanks. 

10/27/2014 4:55:46 AM

We are phasing out IP camera support on DriveHQ. New users should sign up on www.CameraFTP.com instead. CameraFTP is a DriveHQ subsidiary, it is fully optimized for IP cameras with web-based viewer, mobile viewer apps and software based virtual IP cameras.

DriveHQ is a cloud IT service provider. Our service is mainly designed for businesses. We offer a very broad range of features including: Cloud file server, online storage, sharing and collaboration, backup, folder sync, group account management, FTP, email and web hosting, etc.

CameraFTP offers cloud surveillance and storage service. It is flexible, powerful and affordable, starting at only $1.50/camera/month. 

At this time, we see no reason why anybody would want to use DriveHQ service for IP cameras. There are no viewer apps on DriveHQ, and there are no service plans that are designed for IP cameras. Moreover, DriveHQ's service agreement specifically prohibits users from abusing our service, incl. sending too many requests using automatic software / devices.

For existing members that use DriveHQ service for IP cameras: please switch to CameraFTP. You can easily create a linked account so that you can use DriveHQ and CameraFTP at the same time. Please note your DriveHQ account and CameraFTP account will be separate. For CameraFTP service, you must order a subscription on www.CameraFTP.com. If you have un-used service credit in your DriveHQ account, you can transfer it to your CameraFTP account. If you have any questions, please contact DriveHQ / CameraFTP customer support. 


10/29/2014 2:18:53 PM

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