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We have recently updated our email server to fully support Windows Mobile / PDAs / Smart Phones. If you have a DriveHQ account, you can easily set it up on your portable device and access your emails on the go.

As with other email clients, when setting up DriveHQ emails on portable devices, make sure to check that "Outgoing / sending emails require logon / authentication". The logon credentials is the same as receiving emails.

The service is free now; in the future, we might make it an add-on service to premium users only. Please report any problems to DriveHQ customer support.



3/30/2007 1:01:28 PM


Are you able to send me instructions as to how to set up receiving DriveHQ emails on my mobile

I have looked at your help section but does not provide the actual details to input on mobile to download emails


1/31/2011 3:59:05 AM

Quickly Reply

Please logon and reply, Not DriveHQ Member?

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