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how come I cannot empty my recycle bin / delete files in it?

4/13/2009 8:54:10 PM

It is a very good question... Please note by default when you delete a file on DriveHQ, it is deleted. The file is not moved to the recycle bin folder. Most users don't even have the "Recycle bin" folder.

However, if you have shared a file with others, or if you have anybody (or any software) accessing the file when you try to delete it, then the physical file is locked and cannot be deleted. In this case, the file is moved to the "Recycle bin". Please wait for a few days to delete the file. If you still have problem deleting these files, please email DriveHQ customer support.

4/15/2009 4:08:41 PM

My recycle bin is always larger than 4GB.

Can you empty the recycle bin for me?

Thanks in advance

4/25/2014 4:49:36 PM

User: Luis Alonso  -  4/25/2014 4:49:36 PM

My recycle bin is always larger than 4GB.

Can you empty the recycle bin for me?

Thanks in advance

Luis, purging your recycle bin can be done directly from your account (using FileManager you can simply select all folders and delete together). If you are having issues with performing this deletion, please send an email with your account detail to support@drivehq.com.

Also keep in mind that you can disable the recycle bin completely if you feel this works against your needs.


4/25/2014 4:55:54 PM


I'm testing the free account and when I ftp upload a file with the same filename, it overwrites the old file eventhough I have LOCKED

this file.  Hence how am I to prevent others from uploading a file and then overwrite the old file ?

Is there any SETTING that I can use to prevent overwriting the old file with the same filename ?  

Please note that I'm testing this free account and I will purchase it if the testing is successful.

I need to place some files into my special folder and to prevent others sub users from overwriting these files. 

The sub users can view these files but not allow to overwrite them with files of the SAME name.   Please advise. 


8/18/2015 11:45:33 PM

Your question is not related with the original topic. It is recommended posting a new message in the future.

The FTP Protocol does not support file locking. Currently, our FTP server may not support file locking. I will check with our engineers to get more info on this.

However, you probably can easily work around this issue. Both our WebDAV Drive Mapping feature and DriveHQ FileManager support file locking. If you share and collaborate with other users, WebDAV Drive Mapping can map the cloud storage as a network drive (just like your C: drive). It works much better than regular FTP. Also, DriveHQ FileManager works just like an FTP client. It is seamlessly integrated with our cloud IT service. There is really no need to use a different FTP client.


8/19/2015 1:49:36 AM

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